Sam + Zoey is designing and manufacturing traditional and modern designs to incorporate into textile accessories for your home and lifestyle.


For 37 Years, Sam & Zoey's parent company, DRN's Corp & Carousel Ads has been in the screen printing and decorating textiles business. Servicing the education and business sectors for any printed needs they may have. 

 I loved the creation and delivery of our products and truly enjoyed the operation and serving all of our loyal customers. 


As our family grew, my wife and sons seemed to think all of our employeesand machines were just waiting to do them a "favor". 

Dad, can you make me a superman T-Shirt? (Sam, my oldest son, 6 years old)

Honey, can you make new pillows for the living room? (Evelyn, my wife of 8years)

Dad, can you put my face a coffee cup for Grandma?

My now you get the point. It was during a playdate that Sam and his friend Zoey were coloring such creative and interesting drawings, I thought to myself, how lovely that would be on a tote bag. Then a pillow. Then a blanket. The list goes on forever. 


It was then we transformed our traditional printing business into a digital printing operation. We streamlined operations to change from bulk wholesale orders, to drop shipping customized individual units. We pride ourselves in responsibly sourced materials, and ultimately being Made in the USA - further, Made in Brooklyn, NY.

We plan to expand our line of items by the day and continue delivering top quality gifts and accessories for yourself, your loved ones, and whoever else you may be shopping for.